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Scuba Jan Discovers Scuba

From being someone who goes swimming and comes out with dry hair to being able to dive with turtles and sharks has been an amazing journey. So how did it all begin?

Surrounded by a family of passionate scuba divers always kept me involved in diving but on a dry level! I was very unsure if it was for me, I had tried before……...breathing underwater?....not being in control?.... I was so certain that scuba diving wasn’t for me.

After booking a Caribbean holiday I somehow convinced myself that I didn’t want to miss out on the possibility of seeing our amazing underwater world.

Even though I was still absolutely petrified I decided to get in the pool and give it another go. How did I know that I wouldn’t enjoy it if I hadn’t really tried?

My Discover Scuba experiences began very tentatively, I wanted to go slowly and understand absolutely everything about what I was doing and the equipment that I was using. I have no doubt that I am probably the most frustrating student to work with, but at least when under the water there was some peace for my instructor as I had to stop talking and asking questions.

Working one to one with a dedicated, professional and very patient instructor enabled me to progress at a pace that I was comfortable with and to fully appreciate and enjoy my first scuba experiences.

To gain some confidence in myself I continued to complete more discover scuba sessions. Until I could breathe comfortably and relax under the water without panicking I wasn’t happy to move on to learn any skills.

I should mention that Paul is my partner, but having watched him teach others, his approach is no different, he wants to get people diving and having fun in a safe and controlled away.

So, through my uncertainty, I persevered, I don’t give up easily and then became even more determined to achieve my scuba goals.

I felt so proud of what I have achieved and feel ready and excited to continue my diving journey.

My Next step.... Open Water.....

Yours – If I can do it, book a discover scuba with Bespoke Scuba Diving today.

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