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PADI Open Water Referral - Your Way

Many people describe learning to dive as "Getting My PADI". Most divers will still be able to tell you the name of their Open Water Instructor many years into a life of diving. This course will truley open a new world to you. Join the millions of people who have learned to dive this way.

A PADI Open Water qualification is the worlds most popular and recognised scuba qualification.

The PADI Referral option gives you the opportunity to complete pool skills and theory in the UK, and qualify as a diver on your holidays.

The minimum age to start this course is 10 years old, and until the age of 14, this would be a junior rating (depth limits apply).

You do not need to have prior experience, but if you would like some then try a Discover Scuba Diving experience first.


You must be able to swim 200 metres, and tread water / float for 10 minutes. There is also a self decleration medical to complete

The course is structured into three sections:

       *we will help you make the right choice to suit you.

  • Confined Water Dives to learn and master core scuba skills

    *see package options below.

On succesful completion of this portion of the course, we will sign your log book to enable you to complete your course with another dive centre.

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PADI Open Water Referral | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham | Essex
PADI Open Water - Bespoke Scuba Dagenham - Learn to dive
Bespoke Scuba Diving - Dagenham - PADI Open Water
PADI Open Water Divers | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham

Bespoke Scuba Diving Options

Option 1 - £349 *1 *2

  • Pool instruction for confined sessions - up to 7 Hours ##

  • Course materials

  • Group instruction - Maximum class size 4 people

All divers today use dive computers and the Open Water course can be taught using these. In fact many dive centres believe these are compulsory items of equipment. These can be rented to you for the duration of your course, or alternatively, we are are happy to help and assist you with any advice that you need to buy your own.

Whats next?

Get your PADI on holiday, and come back and continue your underwater adventure with us by taking:

PADI Dry Suit Specialty

PADI Advanced Open Water

Rescue Diver

## Up to seven hours are offered as pool time, to complete all in water confined skills to a mastery level. This is more time than would be required in most situations. Should more time be needed, a subsequent charge may apply.


*1 Want to take any of these courses on a guaranteed 1:1 basis, that's not an issue, this is available for a premium price of £829 for all pool dives. These are held at Becontree Heath Leisure Centre on a weekday evening.

*2 Want something a bit more exclusive, book a private referral with us, at our private pool in Colchester Essex. Maximum two people per class. This is priced at £899 for 1 person and £999 for two people. These run on a weekend between 10AM and 4PM. Treat yourself!

Book a 1:1 session with us today.

PADI Open Water Referral | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham | Essex
PADI Open Water Referral | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham | Learn to Dive
PADI Open Water Referral | | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham | Essex
PADI Open Water Referral | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Colchester | Essex
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