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PADI - Chamber Awareness - Distinctive Speciality

We organise group trips to Divers Emergency Service, who are based at Whipps Cross Hospital.


This is a fun and highly informative look at decompression sickness, emergency protocols and assessments, but most of all a dry chamber dive in the hyperbaric chamber to 40M

You will see from the video on this page, how many smiles this generates, and at the prices below, it certainly is excellent value for money.

In our opinion, this is a must do for all divers.

Option 1 - Complete the dry dive (No certification) - £80

Option 2 - Complete the dry dive, and earn the PADI Chamber Awareness distinctive speciality. £105

Minimum group size is 8 - So tell your friends!

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All Videos

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PADI Chamber Awareness | Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dagenham | Essex
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