Emergency First Response (Primary & Secondary Care) - £125

Create The Confidence To Care!


You will learn:

  • Primary care (CPR) - This will prepare you to help victims who aren't breathing, have breathing or choking issues, are suffering from shock, have potential spinal problems, or who may have serious bleeds. You will be able to asses the scene, and act as first responder, whilst you await proper medical assistance.

  • Secondary Care (First Aid), You will learn how to identify various injuries and illnesses, reduce the risk of further injury and pain, and finally practice your bandaging and splinting skills.

You need no existing experience to take this course, all learning materials are included, and you will receive a formal certification card upon successful completion.

All of the above is based on internationally recognised guidelines, and along with providing you with valuable life skills, also meet the first aid requirements for the Rescue Diver Course.

We all know that skills we don't regularly use, become rusty, we encourage you to practice and review what you learn on this course on a regular basis, and the EFR certification is valid for two years, at which stage we can provide you with a refresher.

Contact Bespoke Scuba Diving, to learn or refresh these valuable life skills today

Combine this course with EFR - Care for Children and save £50

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