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What's an IDC?

An IDC (Instructor Development Course) is the preparation you need to participate in a IE (Instructors Exam) Our IDC's are run by our very own PADI Course Director Paul.

What's a PADI IE?

A PADI IE is the process by which Instructor Candidates are assessed by PADI Examiners

Can I take the IDC remotely (Online?) - I'm time poor.

We embrace technology in as far as is possible, and also schedule our sessions evenings / weekends to be flexible.

What's a PADI Course Director?

The PADI Course Director Rating, Is the highest Professional rating in the PADI System - Course Directors train Instructor Candidates for an IE.

What can I teach when I have completed the IE?

As soon as PADI have processed your Professional rating, you will be able to teach Open Water / Advanced Open Water / Rescue Diver / Divemaster and others. Want to teach more - Go for MSDT Prep packages.

What do I need to get started?

  • Be a PADI DiveMaster or an Instructor in good standing with another organisation

  • Be 18 or older

  • Medical clearance for fit to dive by a doctor

  • Certified as a diver for >6 months

  • Completed the EFR course (or equivilent) within 24 Months

  • If not a PADI Divemaster - Complete the PADI Divemaster Rescue Assessment

What do I need to attend an IE?

  • Have 100+ Logged Dives

  • Completed an IDC within the last 12 months / Have a completion certificate

  • A completed IE enrollment Form

  • Medical Clearance to Dive

  • To  be certified you MUST be an EFR Instructor.

What are you waiting for?


Please note all bookings are subject to a 72 hour cancelation policy - Any cancelations within this period will result in a non refundable cancelation of booking.

Performance requirements MUST be met to pass courses. If you are unable to complete the skills of the course, redoing the course / dive will be at our discretion, and an additional charge may apply or course fees forfeit.

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