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Dive Insurance

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We are also pleased to partner with and recommend Dive Master Insurance for all of your travel, and scuba insurance needs. All insurance is available at a discounted rate if you follow the link below. Just "click here"

Divemaster Insurance | Scuba Insurance | Scuba Diving Insurance

Dive Master Insurance has built their reputation for reliability and integrity with their brand respected by sports divers worldwide. 


For over 25 years, Dive Master has been providing scuba diving insurance to dive enthusiasts, pro divers, PADI instructors and pretty much anyone else who wants to ensure they’re covered whilst diving.

Their scuba dive insurance ensures you are covered at home and abroad whilst diving, not just when you’re travelling, making their insurance cover some of the most comprehensive packages on the market. Having travel insurance including scuba diving insurance takes away the hassle of trying to source several different products and will give you peace of mind when on your dive.


Dive Master scuba diving travel insurance has many benefits that other insurers do not offer, such as dive equipment insurance, search & rescue costs, further treatment when you arrive home, no depth limits, and more. They also offer coverage for wreck diving, night diving and shark diving; no matter what diving you’re doing! Just ask for more information.

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