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UK Dive Plans

Over the course of a season, you will have many oportunities to dive with us in the UK.

Options on offer will include:

Weekend diving - Training

Weekend Diving - Attend a training session with us, let us help buddy you up, and you get to enjoy diving for fun with the Bespoke Scuba family

Weekend / Day Boat Diving

Events and dates will be added to this page, as they arise - All events will also be advertised on FaceBook

Future Trips

Will be added shortly

For UK Training, we will mainly teach courses at the following locations:

Vobster Quay

Visit the UK's friendliest Inland Diving Centre for fresh water scuba diving and training for scuba divers of all experience levels. We will teach all levels of courses when we head to Somerset for training weekends.

Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove is the UK's National Diving Centre, and a superb place to "Get Your PADI" - Just ask "Scuba Jan" - Read her BLOGS's here

See our UK Training Dates - Here

Some of Our Past Trips

6/11/21 - Plymouth - Photo's Can be seen here

17/9/21 - Farnes - More Seal Diving Fun! - Photo's Can be Seen here

27/7/19 - Farnes - Come join us for a dive with the Seals - Photo's can be seen here

29/6/19 - Plymouth - Come join us On Board Seeker - Photo's are here

Bespoke Scuba, Dagenham Essex, Farnes Seals
Bespoke Scuba Diving | Dive Plymouth
Bespoke Scuba Diving | Vobster Quay
Bespoke Scuba | Farne Islands | 2021 | Scuba Diving UK

10/3/18 - Vobster Quay - Come join us for some early season fun - Photo's Here

27/10/17 - Farnes - Come join us for a dive with the Seals - See some pictures of a great weekend here

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