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Eat Sleep Dive Repeat - A live-a-board Journey.

#Liveaboard experience

Even from those that know me, I still get strange looks when I describe the aspirations for my next dive trip.

“You don’t come back to land every day?” – No

“ I like my creature comforts!” – As they imagine a fishing trawler

“Oooo its not for me” – Says a diver who has never tried one

Live-a-boards come in all shapes and sizes, with the choice I personally recommend via Bespoke Scuba Diving, being those offered by Blue-O-Two and their partners elsewhere around the globe. These are luxury vessels with A1 service and customer care.

In my head – I coined a phrase that appeared in my videos before many were saying it – A “tribute” to Calvin Harris – But something that sums up a live-a-board trip to me


Another Phrase that you often hear……..

Hair dry – time to dive

Hair wet – time to eat.

Well of course you don’t have to do every dive, you don’t have to eat all of the incredible food, but let me ask a question:

What can be better than having a morning brew delivered to your cabin, a snack and then being helped into your dive gear after a briefing and jumping off of the back of a boat into the blue?

For me very little – no kit to carry – amazing crews – beautiful seas and reef environments that you will not often or ever get to on day trips.

Your average days diving can start around 6am (if you want to get up), and depending on route your diving options can end around 8PM with a night dive. Following the last dive, dinner to finish the day off in style.

If I can share a ‘secret’ from the Red Sea at this stage – On your last night at sea its almost like Christmas! A full turkey dinner – how the chefs do this in small galleys is nothing other than magic!

Interested? Bespoke Scuba Diving will be running two live-a-board trips in 2017, with the first one in May 2017, come and join us………


The passion for diving this way can be yours. Do you need to be experienced? There are some limitations, but Bespoke Scuba Diving will be delighted to offer you PADI training before during and after your live-aboard adventure.

What are you waiting for – Contact us today!

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