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#Scuba Jan

Who is #Scuba Jan?

So who is “Scuba Jan” – This may seem like a very strange question for this of you reading this, as you will know Jan well, but I want this introduction to be for those that do not know her at all.

Jan is my “long suffering partner” a lady with clearly immaculate patience for coping with me, but none of that is relevant to this blogging introduction. She has spent many an hour providing surface cover and safety support for me, and now its time for Jan to Dive!

Jan is my inspiration for the dive school that I want Bespoke Scuba Diving to be, a club that works harder to help, has the experience to get passed learning challenges, and can get those who say they CAN’T into the stunning marine environment that covers so much of our planet.

Let me share a little bit of pre-diving Jan’s story:

Someone who doesn’t like her head under the shower

Someone who can swim, but is not confident in the water

Someone who has told me more than once, I will never dive

This is not Scuba Jan’s story anymore:

Pool skills and theory in the UK

Open Water diver qualified in the UK – I have never seen anyone so excited to see Perch on the ledge at Stoney Cove

Advanced Open Water Diver – Blue Water this time – In the Turk and Caicos Islands

On the later – Jan’s excitement through her regulators was no longer “FISH” at the sight of perch, but “SHARK” as Caribbean reef sharks cruised by.

Did Jan have it easy, as I was her PADI Pro – No, the opposite – Just ask her

I hope you enjoy reading about her adventure from discovering scuba to becoming a Master Scuba Diver. Her journey is on its way as part of regular BLOG updates.

Start or continue your journey with Bespoke Scuba Diving

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