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Live-a-board Junkie?

I write this blog, sat on yet another flight to Egypt, and it dawns on me, that I have been regularly been taking these flights for ten years now. I am truly privileged to be able to write this, because I have been able to experience some incredible things during that time.

This time I am travelling alone, meeting Hans a previous dive buddy on the boat. I am really looking forward to seeing Luke, our guide, whom I first met as an intern (trainee) several years ago, and just as important meeting other likeminded people, who are there to have a great time.

All divers know, that when we log onto Facebook, our buddies appear, friends that are now a part of our world. Where did we meets these like-minded souls, well for me, with a few noted exceptions on dive boats or as people I have taught to dive. When I look down the list, there are so many from various live-a-board trips that I have taken.

So is this just a social media thing – we all know how the cyber world is impersonal, my thought is no. Just last weekend I had a fun day at the dive show, catching up with my Facebook world, seeing people I sadly rarely see, and then today I am receiving messages from people from trips ago, to have a great time.

Is there such a thing as a “live-a-board loner” to quote an article that another live-a-board friend of mine wrote. I don’t believe so. I believe diving is a family.

Heading off alone is not for everyone, Bespoke Scuba Diving is the reason I am writing and sharing this, when I started taking these trips, I had been diving for 11 years, I was a competent diver, and those that know me will not call me a shrinking violet! My approach to becoming a live-a-board diver certainly is not for everyone! My passion for diving has led me to teaching, and for the same reason to wanting to share this amazing part of OUR planet with anyone I can. I would love for you to join our next trip, and join our dive FAMILY.

It would be my delight to share my knowledge of roughly 500 dives in the Red Sea from Tiran (in the north) to St Johns (in the south) with you. Come with us and experience some of the most beautiful reefs in the world, that host everything from Pelagic’s to “squidge” (That is flat worms, nudibranch etc.) and everything in between.

Sharing that knowledge with you, and made possible by the amazing guys at Blue O Two that I use to do these trips will be a delight for me, and is YOUR passport to another world. You never know, we may even get some PADI courses in too!

Bespoke Scuba Diving is going to run two Red Sea trips next year, with the first to my personal favorite area, the stunning reefs and caves of St John’s and Fury Shoals.

Join me on my next flight to Egypt, and become like me a #Liveaboard junkie.

Contact us to book, as spaces are limited.

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