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Becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Is an award demonstrating your experience as a PADI Professional. Its a step in your PADI Professional development and is a pre-requisite for becoming a PADI Staff Instructor.

To become a PADI MSDT - You need to be qualified to teach five instructor specialties, and this is where our Silver level starts!

Whats more - teaching specialities to promote diver education is FUN!


We are proud to offer the following:


For Silver - Choose 1+ from Type A    Chose up to 3 from Type B and 1 from Type C


Type A

Enriched Air

Emergency O2 Provider

Equipment Specialist

Dive Against Debris


Type B

Dry Suit

Digital Underwater Photography

Diver Propulsion Vehicle



Full Face Mask - Prerequisites Apply - Contact us for more info

Underwater Naturalist


Type C

Search & Recovery



Self Reliant Diver - Prerequisites Apply - Contact us for more info

Sidemount - Prerequisites Apply - Contact us for more info


All courses include theory and inwater portions to demonstrate a clear understanding / ability to perform skills / ability to teach these courses.


If you want to do something different - just talk to us - We are Bespoke after all!

MSDT Prep - Silver

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