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So now you are a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, or on your way to becoming one – What Next?

The top level of Recreational Scuba diving is a PADI Master Scuba Diver – Become the instructor that can train the recreational diving elite – a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

PADI Speciality Instructor at Bespoke Scuba Diving
Congratulations - PADI Speciality Instructor

Is there another reason? Of course, it’s a great way to grow your experience and have lots of fun along the way! Teaching Specialities makes you more valuable as an instructor, but also gives you a wider variety of things to teach.

At Bespoke Scuba, we offer you multiple choices of how to get five or more Instructor Specialities, ranging from our IDC Bundles, Our Dedicated MSDT Prep Bundles, but also – Want to do something different – or as a one off – we cater for these too – Just ask.

How do I get to be an MSDT?

Be a PADI Instructor

Have a minimum of 5 PADI Instructor Ratings

You have certified 25 PADI Divers

Why is it cool to be an MSDT – It shows your students that you take your training and your own personal development as an instructor seriously.

As a professional diver, you will want to develop and this is also the next step on the way to being a staff instructor, and you helping to teach the instructors of tomorrow!

Our MSDT Prep takes you on this journey!

What can I learn to teach?

· Enriched Air Diver

· Emergency O2 Provider

· Equipment Specialist

· Dive Against Debris

· Dry Suit

· Digital Underwater Photography

· Diver Propulsion Vehicle

· Dive Against Debris

· Underwater Navigator

· Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

· Full Face Mask

· Underwater Naturalist

· Search & Recovery

· Wreck

· Deep

· Self-Reliant Diver (Pre-Requisites Apply)

Just talk to us to get signed up and teaching PADI Specialties to your divers!

What’s involved in an instructor speciality course?

· Give a knowledge development presentation from the specialty diver course outline.

· Be able to state the purpose and goals of the specialty diver course.

· Be able to explain the course standards and procedures from the PADI Specialty Course

Instructor Guide.

· List student diver and instructor equipment requirements.

· Explain the specialty diver course open water training considerations.

· Demonstrate mastery of all knowledge development and water skill performance

requirements for the specialty diver course.

· Conduct an open water teaching assignment and demonstrate all open water

performance requirements for the specialty diver course.

· Describe how to conduct all course segments in a manner that enables divers to meet

course performance requirements.

· Describe successful marketing and promotional techniques to promote specialty diver


· Determine costs involved in the pricing of specialty training.

Develop your dream with Bespoke Scuba Diving

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