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Become a PADI DiveMaster

Bespoke Scuba Divemaster Candidate

Where did this all begin? Where all good scuba diving experiences begin, on holiday!

Back in 2013 I was walking around a marina looking at the different day trips that was available and saw a scuba diving shop offering try dives, now known as Discover Scuba Diving. I arrived at the dive shop the next morning and went through the briefing, familiarised ourselves with the kit and made our way to the beach, after my first breath underwater I was hooked, and waited to do more. I completed a further 2 try dives that week. When I got back to the UK I was able to get my PADI open water and advanced open water course, about 2 years after I met Paul who introduced me to Bespoke Scuba Diving and that’s when my scuba journey really began.

Paul and the team took me under their wing and taught me how to be a better and confident diver. During this time I have been be to complete a number courses such as the wreck diver, peak performance buoyancy diver and digital underwater photography to name a few. These course gave me a number of skills and the opportunity to build upon previous experience and knowledge. All this in a fun and supportive environment. One key take away for me is that buoyancy is key to being a better diver and that is a mantra that Bespoke Scuba has shared with me from day one!

Good buoyancy is also a great aid to respect the ocean, reefs and marine life that I have been fortunate enough to visit and have learnt more about on the Project AWARE courses that I have completed.

During my PADI journey I also completed the emergency first responder course in primary and secondary care, this course isn’t just for divers, it’s a key life skill that teaches you essential life support skills to save a life, this fitted in nicely with a career in healthcare and I went on to complete my emergency first response instructor course.

Becoming a PADI professional / EFR Instructor really has opened up a number of opportunities for me now and in the future.

I have been involved with search and rescue for a few years in a voluntary capacity and when saw PADI offered a Rescue diver course I couldn’t resist it, I cannot recommend this enough and personally think that all divers should aspire to be rescue divers! The course challenges you and gives you the confidence that’s needed to know if an emergency occurred, you know how to respond and help your buddy out, who wouldn’t want a competent rescue diver as a buddy?! Soon after this I was awarded the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. This really was when the penny dropped for me to take this further and develop my skills and knowledge.

The past year and a bit has been a juggling act with completing my final year at university, landing myself much desired career and completing my dive master internship, this was all made possible with the great flexibility and commitment Bespoke Scuba had towards me to ensure I got the most out of the experience. The dive master course was a unique one, my classroom was often underwater either in a swimming pool or in open water with real life students! This was a great experience to put into practice what I learnt in the classroom whilst still remaining in a safe environment. The input I received from all the instructors was brilliant, I was very lucky to have a wealth of knowledge shared with me, and to take and make it my own.

In May 2019 whilst on holiday with the club in Egypt (I enjoyed this so much I’ve booked onto the 2020 one, and I think you should join us too) I was able to get in a few night dive experiences which was the final part of my knowledge development needed for my application. As I sit here and type this out I have had all my details confirmed by the PADI office, and its official, I am a PADI Dive Master.

What’s next? Well I guess the ocean floor is my limit, Paul tells me it’s the PADI AI program after I have completed by DSD Leader internship, and as a DSD leader I can start to take newbie divers on the same journey that I started in 2013!

Will you take the PADI Master Scuba Diver and PADI Dive Master journey like me?

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