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Mad About Full Face Masks

I’m mad. Certifiable. Bonkers. Well I do get called "Mad Manta Mary" sometimes!

It all started at the 2017 Dive show at the NEC. Bespoke Scuba purchased 2 Ocean Reef Full Face masks for customer to use, and now sell them to customers. I tried one on, it was comfortable, I liked the idea so I resolved to use one of them on our 2018 trips to the Red Sea and to the Maldives.

I needed to qualify using the FFM before the 1st trip in May so started to plan, with Paul French, when the dives can be slotted in. There was a pool session and two open water dives, Paul concluded................


That's not to bad I thought, the 2017 weather was quite pleasant, 21 degrees centigrade on some days. Should be a nice weekend, maybe a little chilly, but certainly fun.

Then........The ‘Beast from the East’ and ‘Storm Doris’ hit.

Water temperature 5 degrees centigrade at Vobster Quay and I’m about to jump in and take my mask off. Told you I was mad!

It was a bit of a shock taking my mask off, nice warm face.....not so nice chilly water, however the staff at Bespoke Scuba were there to look after me and ensure my safety.

I passed the course. The next day I was back diving, and I used the FFM for a fun dive – lovely and warm, easy to equalise, lots of visibility, no pressure on my jaw holding the regulator in and I can shout and laugh at my buddy.

I can heartily recommend the Ocean Reef full face mask and the PADI speciality training, just don’t do it in March! Ask Paul or the team at Bespoke Scuba about booking your Full Face Mask try dive or Speciality today!

Bespoke Scuba Diving Full Face Mask Speciality - Ocean Reef Masks - Call Us To Book

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