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Who is that Bear?

Hello. I’m Buddy the Bespoke Bear (My middle name is CESA, all divers will know why).

I’d like to tell you ‘bout the new scuba diving club I’ve joined – Bespoke Scuba Diving – a really professional and friendly bunch.

I only joined a few months ago but feel really welcome and I’m travelling to all their events. (I even sleep in the club van between pool sessions – I don’t think they have spotted that yet!)

A bit about me. I’m 12 inches tall, 6 months old, have integrated wet suit and fins and I am looking for my own (really, really small) BCD and regulator, but I am sure something will turn up.

I’ve been to Stoney Cove a couple of times, but last weekend I went to the Farne islands to see the seals. As I didn’t have all my own kit I couldn’t dive, but listening to those that did they had a fantastic time with amazing interaction with the seals.

Being only 12inches tall and having fins permanently attached to my feet meant that getting around difficult (don’t forget that for safety if you are wearing fins you should only walk sideways or backwards – I learnt that in my Open Water course). The staff and club members are really helpful and carried me around when I asked!

The sea temperature was 12 degrees centigrade, which for me in my wet suit and fur would have been ok, but for humans a dry suit was necessary. As the diving was in sea water more weight would be needed, so buoyancy checks first. I would have needed an extra 20g of lead to allow an easy descent because of all the stuffing I have. I hear the visibility was great with loads of seals swimming around.

After 2 dives, it was quite a wet trip back to harbour as the wind picked up. While the humans had a couple of drinks, a chat and an amazing meal, I curled up on top of the radiator to sleep and dry off.

The next day’s diving cancelled due to high winds, so instead we went to Capenwray dive site. The humans had 2 nice dives touring the underwater sites and seeing the large trout and sturgeon fish. I was asked to pose on all sorts of objects at the surface - “Buddy, just sit on that bomb”!!! What! Ok, it’s just the shell.

By the way – I look good in the photo wearing my Bespoke T-shirt, why don’t you get one from the club shop?

I had such a great weekend had have signed up for next year’s trip already and I’m off to Stoney cove next week end. I have heard these trips are coming up, so I think I am going to sign up for these as well:

Red Sea – November 2017

Red Sea – May 2018

Maldives – August 2018

Plymouth – July 2018.

Farnes – October 2018

Red Sea – May 2019

Why don’t you join me?

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