PADI Multi Level Diver

 This course is focussed on utilising

 This course focusses on maximising your bottom time, with the use of the PADI eRDP ML and in particular the use of dive computers.

Dive computers constantly sample your depth, and you are no longer restricted by calculating your no stop time based on your deepest point.

Because you have leveled up, your computer will give you credit for being at the shallower depth, and allow you to dive for longer air permitting.

If you want to learn about dive computers, and get tips to increase your dive time, this is the course for you!

To join this course, you need to be a Junior Open Water Diver / Open Water Diver

You'll review decompression theory as it relates to multilevel diving and dive computer models, and plan multilevel dives using the eRDPML.


During the first of your two multilevel dives, you’ll plan and execute a two-level dive, and on the second dive, you’ll complete a three-level scuba dive.

Get this your way:

Option 1 - Two Dives £140

Option 2 - Book with your Advanced Open Water Course (Multi Level Adventure dive), and save £40 on the course price above.